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  1. Hello,
    I’m a writer looking for information / maps of the original Kingsbury McDonald toll road. I’m trying to pinpoint exact route in 1861. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi James,
      I double checked the DCHS archives and we do not have any documentation confirming the 1861 alignment of the old Kingsbury route. I would recommend two possible sources. First, check the earliest of the USGS Topographic Maps. Second, as the road is now a State Highway, the State of Nevada Highway Department, Right-of-Way Division may have the information you are looking for. If memory serves me correct, the original deed of conveyance was from point to point and contained no actual Metes & Bounds. — DCHS Staff

  2. Do you have the set of ski s that snowshoe Thompson used? Seems I remember them being there but not sure. thanks

    1. Hello . The Historical Society has a special display featuring Snow Shoe Thompson and a book too.

  3. Enjoyed the photos. One of my husbands relatives is in one of them! Richard Bassman was my husbands great uncle.
    My name is Loretta Bassman and my husband is George H. Bassman, great-grandson of Henry Bassman and grandson of
    Ludwig Ruhentroth who married Ida Bassman. Ida’s oldest daughter, Luwine, married a Henry Bassman (not related)
    Our grand daughter is interested in going to find the properties that Ludwig owned. She is hoping for actual addresses. I know where the ranch is on Hwy. 395 having visited there many times. It is the ranch on Hwy. 88 that may be hard to find. It has a historical barn on it. Ludwig owned the property on Hwy. 88 Gardnerville until 1916-1917 when he moved to the ranch
    on hwy. 395. (the ranch on Hwy. 88 was managed for years by the McMasters. Viola McMasters was Luwine’s sister)
    Since I may not be able to travel with her, an actual mailbox address would help.
    PS. Ida may be one of the ladies in the church picnic photo!
    Yours truly, Loretta Bassman

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