Capital Campaign Project

Will You Join us in Preserving the Past—Securing the Future?


The Douglas County Historical Society’s two museums are

home to more than artifacts. We are a unique gathering

place for the community and home for the Carson Valley

Chamber of Commerce and the Carson Valley Visitor’s



As new residents move into our county to live

and conduct business, we have a perfect opportunity to

make a great first impression with our beautiful historic

buildings on the Main Streets of Gardnerville and Genoa.


Our image is effective and positive when our buildings are in

good repair and our artifact collection is well stewarded.

With over 35,000 square feet of combined floor space, our

two museums have maintenance needs that must be dealt

with now to safeguard the Historical Society’s exhibits and



An urgent special project is needed to raise the

capital to upgrade the facilities. The cost of the upgrades

required over the next five years is $100,000. This amount

must be realized in addition to the Historical Society’s

current budget. We are mounting a special project entitled

Preserving the Past—Securing the Future, to raise funds

through local businesses and people like you who have an

interest in our rich local history.


Extensive concrete failures are occurring at both the

Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center and the

Courthouse Museum Genoa. The memorial flag surround is

crumbling and in need of replacement. Wear and tear from

rotting woodwork to extensive parking lot cracks are just a

few examples of the repair work needed at both museums.

In order to maintain proper climate control and protect

the precious artifacts entrusted to us, air conditioners and

furnaces need to be replaced at the Carson Valley Museum.

This is imperative along with building maintenance, both

exterior and interior. Additional needs include two water

heaters, resurfacing front steps, asphalt repair, placement

of plaques in cement, repair and painting the gazebos,

replacing parking lot wheel stops and handicapped parking

signs, plumbing repairs, and carpet replacement. The

Courthouse Museum Genoa needs new exterior paint, brick

repair, and stabilization.


If you would like to help, send your tax deductible

donation for this important special fundraising project to

DCHS, 1477 Hwy. 395, N. Suite B, Gardnerville, NV 89410.

Or you may make your donation online using PayPal here on the web site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Cindy Rogers,

Director of Museums 775-782-2555.