Devils Will Reign: How Nevada Began by Sally Zanjani


Nevada entered the Union in 1864, a mere two decades after the Fremont party undertook the first Euro-American exploration of the Great Basin.  The intervening years were exceptionally eventful-gold was discovered in California and silver in the Nevada Territory; the debate over slavery and the Civil War made the Far West a matter of congressional concern; and the Mormon establishment in Utah prompted national suspicion of the of the sect’s ambitions for an inland empire.  In this turbulent climate, the remote, sparsely populated region on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada acquired remarkable importance.  Devils Will Reign recounts the momentous early history of Nevada before statehood, weaving the exciting saga of this rowdy frontier and its colorful characters into the larger story of national and regional events.



  • Paperback
  • Publisher: University of Nevada Press (1824)


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