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November 2020


This postcard is from Thanksgiving 1919, “A basket of plenty – A basket of cheer to wish you a happy Thanksgiving dear”.

Following the fire at the East Fork Hotel Bar, that part of the building was razed on November 20, 1986.


Invoice claim submitted by C. M. Taylor to Douglas County for five meals for election board for a total of $2.50, dated November 7, 1876.   What a deal…work the election and get fed!


October 2020

Here is a Farmers Bank of Carson Valley, Minden, Nevada, calendar page for October 1920. Listed are W. F. Dressler, President, C. M. Henningsen, Vice President, and H. G. Marsh, Cashier

Recognizing our agricultural heritage, this is a newspaper supplement issued  in the “Record-Courier Farm & Ranch 1981 including our Annual 4-H Scrapbook” from October 15, 1981


On the left is a ticket and stub number 48915 for the World’s Columbian Exposition aka Chicago Fair for use on October 9, 1893 which was called ‘Chicago Day’. 

On the right is a Children’s Special ticket good for May 1 to October 30, 1893.


Here is a photograph which shows a road grader clearing an early snow from Main Street near Sharkey’s in Gardnerville on October 8, 1985.  It certainly did not snow on October 8th this year!


This postcard dated October 4, 1918 has a touch of humor about a serious subject. It was sent to “Clarence Frevert, 10th Sanitary Trains, Ambulance Company 240, Camp Fuston, Kansas”, from “Your friend John”.

With COVID-19, we have some of the same problems distinguishing those we know behind all the masks.

September 2020

This poster is from the 78th Annual Candy Dance held in Genoa on September 26 & 27, 1996.

This image from the 1930s shows a haystack being built with a Jackson Fork on the Dangberg’s Buckeye Ranch in Carson Valley. Written on the image, “Building a round one – Buckeye”.

The image on the left is of the Heitman Ranch Buggy circa 1930. Seated in the buggy are Luke and Fritz Neddenriep and Zelda Heitman. This courting buggy dates from about 1875. It was originally purchased by Louis Heitman and handed down through his family to his grandson, Dennis Heitman. In 1999, Dennis Heitman donated this buggy to the Douglas County Historical Society. It is currently on exhibit at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville in the Wiegand Agricultural Exhibit.

This is a panoramic, black and white image of Gardnerville Elementary School students holding a sign which reads, “Gardnerville Elementary School, Gardnerville, Nevada, September 1962 and was taken in front of the school building.  We have many of these group photographs in our photograph collection.

August 2020

This undated image shows horse-drawn equipment and men loading hay with a ‘new’ side loader developed on the Dangberg Ranch.


This is a 1920 image of an artesian well used by the Virginia & Truckee Railway and for livestock watering on Dangberg Ranch. In the background, you can see a V & T locomotive and cars.   


In our continued salute to agriculture in 2020, here are two, undated, early images of shepherds, flocks of sheep and working dogs in Carson Valley.

This image is titled, “Tractor in Action”.   This is an undated image of a caterpillar drive tractor coming out of a hole leveling land on the Buckeye Ranch in Carson Valley.

July 2020

This is a panoramic image of children holding a sign which reads, “Nevada State, 4-H Club Camp, Lake Tahoe, Nev, July 29, 1956”



Image of Fred Dressler (on the horse) riding the Pony Express Ride bringing mochilla to son, Fredrick Dressler, for the exchange at Genoa on July 18, 1985.

Photographic postcard of the Fourth of July Parade, 1911. “Godess of Liberty” float on the left and parade of automobiles on the right.

 June 2020

On the left is the Gelatt Livery burning in the Genoa fire of June 28, 1910. On the right is an early image of Mormon Station before the fire which destroyed this building.  The fire burned much of the town south of Genoa Lane including the Douglas County Courthouse building now the Courthouse Museum, Genoa, owned by the Douglas County Historical Society.

Black and white image of people enjoying some summer fun while attending the Lutheran Church Picnic on June 23rd, 1909, in Gardnerville, Nevada.   Note the shadow of the photographer and camera in the lower left corner of image.  “Everyone say ‘CHEESE’!”

1938 Carson Valley Day parade. The first rider is George Gansberg and the second rider is Ruth Lundergreen.


On the left is the poster for the June 9, 1934 Genoa Pioneer and Pony Express Day drawn by Lew Hymers.

On the right is the sample cancellation for the same event.

May 2020

“Out of Commission”

This image is of the Virginia & Truckee Depot, Minden, May 31, 1950.  The men standing on the tracks shooting guns into the air are: Emery W. Graunke, Dan Hellwinkel, Don Hellwinkel, and Dan Coles.  Pete Ithurburu is playing taps on a bugle.   


Rotary Club, 1926

Back row: Richard Bassman, Hans R. Jepsen, H. Bridges, Walter Fisher, William Park;

Center row: Slim Roberts, Lyle M (McInnis?), Grover Krick. William Wennhold, John M. Block, William F. Nelson;

Front row: Fred Dangberg, George Dangberg, John Dangberg, Henry Cooper;


This undated image of dipping cattle on the Dangberg Ranch. The older woman is Mrs. H. F. (Margaret) Dangberg. The younger woman may be Gertrude Dangberg (H. F. Dangberg Jr.’s wife) and her two older daughters, Margaret and Ruth.

This hand embroidered postcard reads, “To my dear Mother”, dated 1918, is part of the Heitman Family collection


May 5, 1909 image of mule teams in harness working on the Dangberg Ranch

April 2020

This photograph from the Grace Dangberg collection has, “Hay wagons loaded to feed cattle at the Sheep Camp Ranch about 1920” and “Feeding 1200 head from Dec. – April sell 1,000 cattle 10,000 lambs per year.”  written on the back.


Written on the back of this photograph, “Carson Valley Sheep in Winter Quarters, April 5th, 1927” and appears to be the sheep pens on Buckeye Ranch, Douglas County, Nevada.

Happy Easter!



And their fame continues until this day – these young men won the “Nevada Junior 4-H Stock Judging, 1st, 1959”. Left to right are Robert “Bobby” Storke, Dennis “Dennie” Heitman, Jr., Fredrick Stodieck, Russell Scossa, Ricky Heise, and Brett Reed.

If you see them out and about, congratulate them on making Douglas County proud with their 1959 win!

March 2020

Photograph of the Gardnerville Ranchos Volunteer Fire Department building and ambulance. Although the ambulance is from the mid-1960s, this photograph appeared in the Record-Courier on March 14, 1985.


Membership Card – “Carson Valley Whirlers” for Daniel Hellwinkel dated March 1, 1951 and signed by H. R. Jepsen.

Was this a square-dancing group, as some have suggested?

St. Patrick’s Day postcard with “Emblems of Erin” printed across the bottom. It is addressed to Mr. Morris Harris, Gardnerville, Nevada and postmarked March 4, 1910.

Cow and calf on the Dangberg Ranch. Written on the back: “On Sheep Camp Ranch, Minden, Nevada 3-27-34.”

February 2020

Muller Lane area flooded on February 27, 1986

Join us for our Leap Day, February 29th, 2020, photo identification event, 10am – 1 pm at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center.

Can you help us identify some of these people who are in Roberta McConnell’s (former Record-Courier editor) photographs?  We could really use your help!


Sharkey’s Nugget Memorabilia auction held February 22 – 24, 2002, in Sparks, Nevada.


This postcard reads,  “To My Valentine, You Captured My Heart”. It is addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Champagne of Genoa and postmarked on February 14, 1911.


Photograph – written on the back: “County machinery and timbers & tin from hay barn. The big gravel loader was completely turned over in Minden 1923.” With this blizzard came a wind storm on February 12, 1923 which tore through Minden.  These buildings were on Buckeye Road.


January 2020

“Watering Trough in the Snow”, dated January 20, 1938. Juanita Schubert Collection


Souvenir Program from the California Midwinter International Exposition held in San Francisco, California, January 1st to June 30th 1894.  The Gold Medal ribbon was awarded to the Douglas Creamery at this Exposition.  The photograph is the Douglas Creamery circa 1911.


Record-Courier, January 7, 1916 headline —

“New High School Opened Monday”

This building is now the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville, and home to one of the Douglas County Historical Society’s museums and office.


Photograph of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, Engine #27, on its run to Minden. Virginia & Truckee Railroad in Minden, January 1, 1942.  From the Juanita Schubert Collection.

        “Coming down through the valley.”

December 2019

Postcard, “Wishing You A Happy New Year”. Postmarked Reno, December 31, 1912, addressed to Mrs. Edna Champagne, Genoa. Message on back reads,

“Dear Edna & All, I went to town this morning and got some New Year’s cards, hope this finds you all well, as it leaves us at present. We have had lots of writing to do since Xmas, expect to be alone tomorrow. Wishing you a prosperous New Year. Love, Grace, Annie and Ray”


This Christmas postcard reads, “Fond Recollections”. It is postmarked Reno, December 23, 1919, and is addressed to Master Leonard Champagne, Sparks. The message on back reads,

“Hoping Santa will bring you lots of toys and goodys and your Christmas will be a merry one, from Raymond”

Poster for the Genoa Christmas Faire held December 4-5, 1999

1949 Douglas County High School Band on a float in the winter, possibly at the tow rope ski run at Spooner Summit near Highway 28.

Left to right-Seated: Elinor Godecke (brass horn ?), Bill Wennhold (Tuba), Janet Miller (?), Nevada Wise (Trombone), Shirley Lundergreen (Trombone), Unidentified, Unidentified, Marie Etchemendy, Barbara Rosenbrock , Mildred Dreyer, Nevalyn Berrum, Violet Graham, Louanna Tietje, Unidentified; Standing: John Lundergreen, Ray Jepsen, Lois Schacht (Bass Drum).

November 2019


from the Douglas County Historical Society

A “Thanksgiving Greetings” postcard sent to Mrs. William (Edna) Champagne, Genoa, Nevada dated November 29, 1911. The missing corner is where the stamp was removed.

This Lew Hymer’s caricature was published on page 18 of the November 1945 “Nevada Magazine” and is titled Nevada Brands and their Owners. Carson Valley Owners shown include George Henningsen; Bill Dressler a former State Senator for Douglas County; Fred Dressler, son of Bill, who carried on their ranching operations; John Dangberg of Dangberg Land & Livestock Co. and father of Grace Dangberg; Maurice Mack who owned the former H. H. Springmeyer ranch near Minden.


This photograph shows the exterior of the East Fort Hotel on Main Street, Gardnerville, after the fire at the bar on November 20, 1986.


In honor of Veterans’ Day on November 11, 2020…never forget

The October 1, 1918 WWI postcard on the left is from Clarence Frevert to his brother, Henry Jr. from Camp Funston, Ft. Riley, Kansas writing about the Spanish Influenza outbreak at the camp. Clarence was serving in the ambulance corps and helping the sick.

The postcard on the right titled, “These Supply Trains Will Continue Moving As Long As You Folks Buy Bonds” is dated November 8, 1918. It is an overseas post card addressed to Henry Frevert, Jr. from his brother William H. Frevert who was serving in France and talks about the death of their brother Clarence from the influenza.


This is an invoice from the now gone Midland Garage addressed to the C. O. D. Garage dated November 3, 1937.

October 2019

Happy Nevada!

This is a Nevada Pioneer, 1964 – 1946, Certificate presented to Cerissa Mott Fettic. It is signed by Nevada Governor Vail Pittman and states that she was born in Mottsville, Nevada Territory, on January 17, 1862 prior to the admission of Nevada as a state.

This photograph is Percy and Agnes Train on one of their many adventures fossil and plant hunting in Nevada. The handwriting under the image reads, “The Trains, packed with plant presses, dog and chicken. 1935”. Be sure to join us for the Genoa Cemetery Tour on Saturday, October 19th and hear Percy & Agnes’ story.


This is a photograph of Jane Raycraft Campbell posing outside wearing a long skirt and a blouse with a peplum.  Note the school desk in the background.  Be sure to join us for the Genoa Cemetery Tour on Saturday, October 19th and hear Jane’s story.

Football program for the October 5, 1962 game between the Douglas Tigers and Hawthorne,  So, researchers, who won this game? 

September 2019

This is an image of the poster for the 69th Annual Genoa Candy Dance held on September 23, 1989.

This is an undated view of haystacks somewhere in the Carson Valley in the fall. Appropriate as this coming Monday is the official first day of fall. Any ideas where this photograph may have been taken?

This photograph of Cathedral Peak, Yosemite was taken by Juanita Schubert on September 25, 1938. To see other images, be sure to visit our exhibit of a few of her photographs at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville.








This is a souvenir of miniature, leather, stuff boxing glove with a paper identification tag from the September 3, 1906, Nelson – Gans prizefight held in Goldfield, Nevada. We currently have an exhibit downstairs in the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville of souvenirs and photographs of Nevada prizefights. Be sure to stop by and see it.

August 2019

“Rock Formations” by Juanita Schubert, dated August 1938. Be sure to visit the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville to see more of this artist’s photographs currently on exhibit.


This invoice was submitted by C. W. Dake to Douglas County for coffin for Christopher Hull dated August 30, 1880. Was Mr. Hull an indigent? Why was the county asked to pay for a coffin for this man? Upon a bit of research, it seems that before August 20, 1880, Christopher Hull was found murdered in his cabin. An article on page 3 of the August 20, 1880 Genoa Weekly Courier details the unsuccessful efforts by Sheriff Williams to determine who perpetrated this “most foul murder” in Jacks Valley.    Did they ever solve this case?  We do not know.

                            Here are few images  related to the August 1980 bombing of Harvey’s Casino Resort, Lake Tahoe.



Today, August 3rd, we are celebrating the anniversary of the 1995 Grand Opening of the  Carson Valley Historical Society.  Below is a photograph of Basque Dancers performing at the grand opening.  At left is the invitation to the Homecoming Dance and Grand Opening on August 19, 1995.



Nevada is often seen as a tourist draw.  Though Reno, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe attract their fair share, Neva da worked hard to draw people to visit and settle in the state. In response to population flight, Nevada legalized gambling in 1931.  Government agencies like the Nevada Department of Highways took up the challenge of luring people to the state.  The magazine cover of “Nevada Highways and Parks” published in March 1938 advertises the new highways in the state and also tries to show the wild nature of the state with the depiction of the men and their horses.  The back cover provided a map of all the major roadways in the state.  The expanding highway and interstate system, much of which we still use, was a needed investment to draw people to the otherwise inaccessible state.  Later publications by the Nevada Department of Highways continue to paint the state as a vacation destination, advertising the “State’s metropolis” of Reno and the gold mining town of Tonopah.   An issue in 1959 took advantage of the upcoming Olympic Games to advertise the snow-sport potential of Nevada and encourage people to go skiing.  The back cover made sure to show the newly constructed Interstate 80 as a draw to the region.  Other issues of “Nevada Highways and Parks” displayed the ranching tradition and potential of the state or took a look at the scenery of Geiger Grade.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the full images.




July 2019


“WHEREAS, as Nevadans living in an enlightened age, it is only fitting that we should pause to reflect upon the achievements of those hardy early pioneers who settled in what was then considered a vast wilderness. To these men and women we owe an everlasting debt, for it was through their herculean efforts that Nevada grew and prospered through the years;”

These words come from a Proclamation by Governor Charles H. Russel which declared Saturday, July 14, 1951 as Nevada First Settlement Centennial Day.  The language above shows how Nevadans almost 70 years ago saw the first white settlers in the area.  The proclamation praises the hard working spirit of the settlers and their conquering of the Nevada wilderness.  Does Nevada retain that image of a vast wilderness needing to be conquered?

In addition to an observance and celebration at Genoa, the sage green 3 cent commemorative stamp was issued depicting a log cabin, pioneers, and the surrounding mountains. The stamp is based on a painting done by the Genoa based painter, Hans Meyer-Kassel.

The proclamation issued in 1951 invites the public to consider the legacy of those who came 100 years before them.  Now, 168 years after the first permanent white settlement, we continue to consider how those settlers affected and were affected by the landscape and the people already in the area.


The National Weather Service can warn the public of severe weather by sending an alert to cell phones. Likewise law enforcement today can alert the public of a kidnapped child by sending Amber Alerts. Law enforcement did not always have the luxury of the public being immediately aware of situations such as severe weather or a kidnapped children.  The postcard on the left, simply addressed to the County Sheriff in Minden, Nev. shows how tracking fugitives worked not long ago. Unable to reach the public by televisions or cell phones, the warden of a prison instead send out postcards.  Danny Shirley was received at the United States Penitentiary at McNeil Island, Washington in 1921 after being sentenced to four years after interstate transport of stolen vehicles. Danny Shirley is described as “ruddy,” missing teeth, having a scar on his nostril, missing the tip of his right thumb, and thus should have been easy to identify.  This postcard to a sheriff nearly 700 miles away in Minden, Nevada shows the lengths the penitentiary had to go to find their escaped inmates.  Note the marks on the corners where the postcard was likely taped to be displayed on the window.   The postmark shows the postcard coming through Tacoma on August 13th, 1923, 2 days after his escape.   Danny Shirley later served time at the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth and was assigned inmate number 21010 there.



Another postcard to the Sheriff’s Office reads “Please cancel PICK-UP for Clyde Dixon Vickers, wanted by King County Sheriff, was arrested by Vallejo Cal. Police, and returned to Seattle.”  This notice, which was dated Jan. 23, 1951, suggests that these low tech mailings could help catch a wanted person.  Similar to the wanted notices, another card from the vault details two missing girls who had run away from home in Price, Utah in 1930.  The girls, aged 16 and 14, both described as wearing striped overalls, and one wearing a satin lined coat with a fur collar, were to be reported to S. Marion Bliss, Sheriff of Carbon County.


Click on the thumbnails below to see the full images.

June 2019

This is a souvenir from the Fairview School District with a photograph of the school on the front cover, dated June 5, 1908. Staff listed are Janie E. Mills, Teacher, Officers – W. H. Springmeyer, President, F. H. Dressler, Clerk, and John Tucke. Pupils listed are Emma Andersen, Mary Andersen, Lovina Andersen, Annie Andersen, Emma Thran, Irma Settelmeyer, Flora Smith, Ellen Heitman, Myron Dressler, Frederick Dressler, Willie Tucke, Carl Than, Richard Thran, Carl Manfrini, Gene Manfrini, Ernest Dressler, Otto Heitman, George Settelmeyer, Fred Settelmeyer, Herbert Dressler.

May 2019

This envelope reads, “World’s Smallest Chamber of Commerce, May 31st, – 50, Last Day of Mail Service via V & T RY.” and is addressed to Mrs. Walter J. Scott, Genoa, Nevada.

An invitation to the Douglas County High School the Junior-Senior Prom on Friday evening, the twenty-fifth of May at the Minden Inn, Minden, Nevada. So, Prom was on Friday night and the banquet was on Saturday night.  Unfortunately, there is no year listed for this event!

Photograph entitled, “The rivalry continues!” The Fourth Annual Great Lake Tahoe Sternwheeler Race pits California’s Tahoe Queen versus Nevada’s M. S. Dixie, Memorial Day, May 25 at South Lake Tahoe. The Queen won last year’s race to take a 2 -1 lead in the series.” May 25, 1987. I wonder who won that race in 1987.

In our archives is this ticket to the World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago, valid May 1 to October 30, 1893, No. 359616.  Also known as the Chicago’s World’s Fair, this is where the Ferris Wheel was introduced.  The inventor, George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., was the younger brother of Margaret Ferris Dangberg and moved to Carson Valley with his family when he was about five years-old.

Be sure to visit the Courthouse Museum, Genoa and see the recently refurbished Ferris Wheel exhibit.

April 2019

Photograph of Kari Begovich riding in the Douglas High School Rodeo on April 28, 1983.

Happy Easter!

Stereopticon Card entitled, “Giving the children their suppers”.  The children just happen to be rabbits with Easter eggs. Copyright is 1890 by George Barker.


In our archives is this postcard image of the April 18, 1906, San Francisco earthquake showing the ruins of the Palace Hotel.


Record-Courier newspaper article entitled, “Thirty Artesian Wells in Douglas County”, is dated April 11, 1913. This represents the first complete data on artesian well flows in the Carson Valley, drilled by Howard Beers.


This program is for the play, “And Mary Did”, a Comedy in Three Acts, and was staged by the Genoa Parent-Teachers Association at the

C. V. I. C. Hall in Minden on the night of April 9, 1932.

March 2019

This is an early photograph of the Kinsey House on Genoa Lane across from the Pink House. Stephen Kinsey came west with John Reese to settle Mormon Station, later named Genoa, Utah Territory. He was the first County Recorder of Douglas County.

The Nevada State Journal printed an article in Sunday December 21, 1947 article entitled, “Tiny Figurine of White, Gold Now Remembrance of Tragedy of 1882. It told the story of the March 17, 1882 avalanche, which took the four lives of the four members of the Meinrod Bauer family as well as a Washoe couple. The ceramic figurine was saved from the debris.


The Millennium Patchwork Quilt was hand quilted by volunteers for the 2001 Carson Valley Historical Society (now Douglas County Historical Society) membership drive. Each square depicts a familiar Carson Valley landmark.  This quilt is on exhibit at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville, during March 2019 in honor of  Women in History month.


From our archives – handwritten, “Message from the (United States) Senate informing that John Cradlebaugh has been confirmed Adjutant General of the State of Nevada, March 11th 1865.”


DCHS Marching Band in 1936

Bottom Row L-R: Harriet Morrison, Verla Park, Fritzi Jane Neddenriep, Leon Etchemendy, Alice Meneley, Mary Margaret Cardinal, Lilly Felten;

Second Row L-R: Arendt Jensen, Carl Boerner, Luke Bergevin, Budd Dressler, John Brown, Bruce Roberts, Willie Etchemendy;

Third Row L-R: Franklin Fisher, Albert Heidtman, John M. “Jack” Baker, Elinor Wyatt, Marvin Darrough, William Hussman, Verna Park;

Back Row L-R: H. B. Shaw (Principal), Marvin Luhrs, Donald Bergevin, Alpha Jacobsen, Walter Heidtman, Raymond Bartels, Charles Meneley (Teacher).

February 2019

Photograph of the Minden Inn with a “Minden Hotel” sign taken on February 28, 1985                                


Hubert Gottlieb, Genoa, surveys the flood damage to his front yard on February 27, 1986.


Postcard with “Minden Feb. 12, 1923 printed on the front.” Handwritten on the back: “Minden Hay Barn Blown Down 1923.”

December 2018

Here is a program “Christmas Entertainment” presented by the Genoa School December 20, 1941.

The old bandstand being razed in the Minden Park on December 8, 1983.         


“Peerless Bullfrog Mining Company, Number 2344, (for) 357 shares, December 1, 1906, M. Harris”. The Harris brothers, Abe and Morris, were in Rhyolite during the mining boom with a store and as stock speculators.

November 2018

This is page 18 of the Nevada Magazine, November 1945, with a caricature by Lew Hymers of Nevada brands and their owners. Included from Carson Valley are: George Henningsen, Bill Dressler (former Senator for Douglas County), Fred Dressler (son of Bill Dressler), John Dangberg of Dangberg Land & Livestock Co., and Maurice Mack.

Here is a photograph of Kiwanis poster makers holding their Thanksgiving posters at Douglas High School, November 18, 1982.

Can someone provide us with the names of any of these people?

This overseas postcard is addressed to Henry Frevert in Gardnerville from his brother, William, who was serving in the Army in Europe, and speaks about the death of their brother, Clarence, from influenza. Printed on the front, “These Supply Trains Will Continue Moving As Long As You Folks Buy Bonds”. It is dated November 8, 1918. Information about Clarence Frevert is part of the Centennial of Armistice Day 1918 exhibit at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville until November 15th.

As it was then so it is now –  this is a photograph of campaign signs posted along a fence here in Carson Valley on November 13, 1986.

October 2018

Photograph of the H. F. Dangberg wagon used for hauling produce to Virginia City. This wagon was featured in the Admission Day Parade, October 31, 1946 at Carson City.

Pilots, left to right, unidentified man and Cedric J. Brockliss, 1935. Join us tonight at our Historic Cemetery Tour in Mottsville Cemetery and hear more about Cedric Brockliss and how this local boy took to the skies as a pilot with the 7th Bombardment Group in the 1930s.

A naughty postcard, which reads, “Now Bobbie, Kiss Nurse and go to bed. No fear, not me, she might smack my face like she did Pop’s last night when he tried it on.” Postmarked Gardnerville, Nevada, October 18 1914 and is addressed to Mrs. W. Champagne, Reno.

October 10, 1989, Douglas County Engine Company Volunteer Firemen outside Minden Station at the dedication of Pomona Bell. L-R: Don Stangle, Earl Jarrett, Capt. Hopkins, Ron Wilcks, John Folks, Lee Berg, Unidentified, Greg Juchtzer, Bruce Lawrence, Russ Byington, John (?), Dan Hellwinkel, Jerry Reed, Don Hellwinkel, Bruce Hollander, Lawrence Jacobsen, Steve Morgan, Randy Turria, Doug Sonnemann.

Does anyone know John (?)’s last name?

September 2018

Poster for the Candy Dance 67th Annual, Genoa, held on September 26, 1987.

Whimsical certificate which reads, “This is to Certify that on the 20th day of September, 1967, William Souligny did, alone and unassisted take off and return to Douglas County Airport thereby successfully completing his first solo flight”, and is signed by Donald Laustrup.

Colorful football program for the Douglas County High School team vs. Pershing County High School team. This game was held at the Gardnerville Field, Friday, September 24, 1954.

This postcard of the Edgewood Hotel was written to Leana Bull at Waterloo, Nevada and reads,

Dear Leana, E. R. left two of these … will send you one, they ain’t very good, I don’t think. We are all well and hope this will find you all the same. Love to all. Good by, Ethel“.

The postmark reads, “Sep 17, 1908, Bijou, Cal.”

Photograph taken during World War I of automobiles parked in front of the Douglas County Courthouse building. Written on the back: “Dear Fred: This is a picture of the crowd seeing the boys off at Minden on Sept. 5, Yours Fred J. Siebert, Minden Courthouse 1917.”

August 2018

Here is an interesting piece of pre-World War I patriotic themed sheet music, “For His Mother’s Sake” written by Miss Mary Crowell and published by American Advance Music Co., New York on August 14, 1904.                                  

This photograph of Arnold Trimmer, Grace Dangberg and Hans R. Jepsen was taken at Mormon Station at the annual Historical Society picnic held on August 19, 1979.

This photograph from Carson Valley of Jobs Peak is dated August 1, 1942.  There was no smoke filling the valley then the way it has for the past few weeks.

This is a 1995 Carson Valley Historical Society invitation to the Homecoming Dance and Grand Opening of the Carson Valley History Museum & Cultural Center on the evening of August 19, 1995.  Join us on August 4th for the anniversary celebration of our building, 1477 Highway 395 N., Gardnerville, and free admission Family Day, 10 am to 2 pm.

July 2018

Photograph titled, “There is plenty of help” for a pee wee contestant as he ‘ropes the dummy’ at Gardnerville’s Jr. Rodeo, sponsored by Douglas County Fair on July 23, 1987.

Photograph of the Acorn Fire in Fredericksburg area, Alpine County, July 1986.

Photograph of a group of people celebrating inside the Genoa Stockade (Mormon Station State Historic Park) 


and  the program of events for the July 14, 1951, at Nevada’s First Settlement Centennial celebration.  The U. S. postage stamp inspired by the Hans Meyer-Kassel painting was unveiled and received the First Day Issued cancelation in what is now the Courthouse Museum, Genoa. 


Postcard entitled, “Godess (sic) of Liberty”, depicting a float in the 1911 Gardnerville Fourth of July Parade.

June 2018

Carson Valley Historical Society Building Committee going over the restoration plans with the contractor in front of Courthouse Museum, Genoa building. L-R: William F. Schwake, Contractor Carl Falcke, Hans R. Jepsen, President Knox Johnson, Roy Heise, Lois Jones in June 1974.

“Bud McPherson riding Black Diamond at a rodeo in Gardnerville” on June 16, 1940.


Earl May on horseback with Pony Express re-Ride mochila on saddle on June 24, 1982. Today’s re-ride crosses the state line at Woodfords around 2:00 pm.  Head to Genoa this afternoon and watch ‘the Pony’ come through town!

Senior Citizen float for Carson Valley Days on June 4, 1989.

This poster was created for the Genoa Pioneer and Pony Express Day  held on June 9, 1934.  It was drawn by Lew Hymers.

Commencement Program for graduates of the Gardnerville High School held on Friday June 5, 1908, at Valhalla Hall, Gardnerville. Graduates of the ‘Complete Classical Course’ were Mathilda Jepsen, Mary C. Hellwinkel, and Oliver A. Hougner. Graduate of the ‘Special Scientific’ was Benjamin D. Cardinal.

May 2018

Photograph of Farmer’s Bank in Minden, May 28, 1909. Do you recognize this building today?

Genoa School Track & Field Team that won the Douglas County Meet on May 31, 1913. Genoa – 73 2/3 points, Gardnerville, Minden, East Fork, Central, Fairview, Centerville, a combined 59 1/2 points.

Front Row: Homer Raycraft, John Jepsen, Harry Franklin, Clyde Morrison, unidentified, Dick Canonica; Back Row: Tom Raycraft, Chauncey Dressler, Claire Morrison, Wesley Walker, Hans R. Jepsen, Oscar Franklin, Mr. McKeown. Yeah Team!

This is a May 15, 1941 Genoa Grammar School Graduation program. There were four graduates:

Betty Lamar, Carl Falke, Frances Juchtzer, and Herbert Cordes. 

Others listed on the program include Verla Winkelman, Clifford Winkelman, Gertrude Juchtzer, Billie Jean Byrne, Ervan Winschell, Edward Juchtzer, Lucille Cordes, Thelma Winkelman, Virginia Hawkins, Leonard Winkelman, Alice Cordes,  Ewald Winkelman, Duane Mack, Mrs. Ed Palen, and Henry Cordes.

May is Historic Preservation Month. Remembering structures of the past, here is an image of the old Power Dam. Later, it was known as the Douglas County Power & Milling Co. This image is the Douglas County Power Dam while under construction. Electrical power generated by the dam was used to run the Douglas Mill in Gardnerville among other things.                

This is an image of the dam in the 1960s or 1970s.

April 2018

Photograph of the Minden Grocery in Minden, Nevada surrounded by snow in this image dated April 23, 1931. It was owned at the time by John and Norma Dangberg Ellis.

Put on your party hat and join us for an “Evening Soiree – Gowns of the Governor’s Wives” being held at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville, on April 27, 2018 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm!

Light-hearted certificate from the “Institute of the Blind, Kelly Field, Texas” issued to “certify that Cedric J. Brockliss has completed the course in instrument flying without peeping. Given this 1st day of April, 1932”. Way to go, Cedric! Cedric was a member of 7th Bombardment Group.

Statement from the “Gardnerville Record” dated April 1, 1899. This newspaper later merged with the “Genoa Courier” to become our local newspaper, the “Record-Courier”.

April 4, 1982 photograph of Easter Egg Hunt Dyeing with 20-30 Club members. L-R: Steve Morgan, UNIDENTIFIED, Steve Nalder, Bruce Lawrence, Mike Phillips, Richard Nalder, Jeff Dinsmore.

Does anyone recognize the unidentified man?

March 2018

Let’s all celebrate ‘Cat-urday’ and the 2018 Women in History program today with these undated photographs of four unnamed cats taken by local photographer, Juanita Schubert, a 2001 Douglas County Historical Society Women in History honoree.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  This program for the “Bits ‘O Blarney, An Irish Operetta in Two Acts” was presented by Consolidated School, District A, on March 27, 1931 at the Nevada Theatre in Gardnerville.

Cover of the “Nevada Highways and Parks”, March 1938 printed in purple, black and white. It is a Lew Hymers drawing of cowboys and horses looking down on an automobile driving on a highway through mountains.

The headlines on this Reno Evening Gazette read, “85 Die as Plane Hits Sierra Ridge”, dated March 2, 1964, and tells the story of a Paradise Airline plane, which crashed between Genoa Peak and Kingsbury Grade during a snow storm, killing all aboard. “A temporary morgue, where bodies will be stored and identified, will be established at the CVIC hall in Minden.”

February 2018

Photograph of a snowy trip to the outhouse one day in February day 1939.

Operator’s (Driver’s) License issued to Dan Hellwinkel, who it should be noted was then 15 years old, on February 7, 1941.

1912 Valentine postcard. Written on the back, “Master Myron Jones, Sheridan…Love, Cousin Nelle” with postmarks from Berkeley, California and Sheridan, Nevada.

Here is a photograph of the blizzard and windstorm of February 1923. Donor, Grace Dangberg wrote on the back of the image, “Taken from our back door at Minden, 1923.”

This is a photograph of Jane Rosenbrock working on a patron in her beauty shop on February 6, 1986. Be sure and visit the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville, and see the new exhibit of Jane’s Beauty Shop downstairs on our ‘Main Street’!

January 2018

“Needlecraft Magazine” dated January 1928 and mailed to Mrs. A. Millar, Minden, Nevada.

Photograph of the aftermath of the January 23, 1995 arson fire, which destroyed the Harris building. At the time of the fire, it housed the Coventry Cross Thrift Store and the East Fork Artists Gallery. Today is the location of the Historian Inn.

A January 20, 1983 photograph of the Douglas County Engine Company Volunteer Firemen.

Front Row L-R: Lawrence Jacobsen, Dan Hellwinkel, Bruce Hollander, Jim Gansberg, Ron Wilcks, Steve Morgan, Jim Gansberg, Steve Erb, Tom Cook, Mike Fisher, Greg Cowden, Jeff Summers, Greg Juchtzer, UNIDENTIFIED (Anyone know?), Randy Turria; Back Row L-R: Don Hellwinkel, John Cressaty, Bruce Lawrence, Lee Berg, Don Atchison, Steven Nalder.

The cover of the “Nevada Highways and Parks” magazine for January 1938 shows winter fun in our mountains.

The Virginia & Truckee Railway Engine 27 coming through the Carson Valley on its run to Minden on January 1, 1942

December 2017

1919 Postcard sent to Mr. William Frevert with the greeting, “With every Good Wish for a very Bright and Happy New Year”.

A humorous Christmas postcard from 1909 shows a rotund Santa Claus looking at a narrow chimney and exclaiming, “My goodness!”

This photograph of Mormon Station, Genoa, was taken December 25, 1905  and has the caption, “Nevada’s Oldest House”. This building burned down in June 28, 1910 Genoa fire.

Christmas Program for the original Minden School with a photograph of the school dated

December 17, 1909.

A page from a catalog of “Hats – Caps Staples & Novelties”, put out by the Rossett Manufacturing Corporation, Winter 1947 – 1948. Which one is your choice?

A page from a Farmers Bank of Carson Valley Calendar December 1919

November 2017

Photograph of beer and liquor rescued from the East Fork Hotel after the fire on November 20, 1986.

Postcard – “To Greet You with all Good Wishes for a Pleasant Thanksgiving Day”, dated November 18 1913. Handwritten greeting reads, “Dear Edna, am sorry you did not get down. I looked forward to such pleasure of your visit. Hope you can come yet. My but we are having lots of rain for this country, lots of snow I guess this winter (is) for the farmers. Good by with love. It has been raining hard since noon. Jessie”

This is a receipt from the Pioneer Iron Works addressed to A. M. Taylor, dated November 24, 1873, for the cost of cell and locks for the Douglas County Courthouse in Genoa. It reads in full, “Dear Sir, We received to day by Wells Fargo & Co. Express, eleven hundred twenty three dollars and eighty five cents ($1123.85) in full for our cell & locks for Douglas Co. Nevada. For which receive our thanks. If you or any of your friends with any iron work, I should like to do it for them. Yours respectfully, C. H. Leavitt, by Root”.

These cells are still in place and can be seen at the Courthouse Museum, Genoa.


An advertisement from the Record-Courier for the Minden Mercantile Co. Close Out event dated November 10, 1966.                                

This “Card of Approbation” was awarded to Willie Virgin, only son of Judge D. W. Virgin, for good conduct and lessons. It is signed M. (Mary) E. Davies, Teacher, Genoa School, November 1879. The school was the Genoa Seminary which stood near the Kinsey house on Genoa Lane, Genoa.

October 2017

This decal was issued for the “Nevada’s Admission Day Celebration, Pageant of the Past Oct. 31st.” No year listed.

Football program for “Douglas Tigers vs. Hawthorne, October 5, 1962, Gardnerville, Nevada”

“Venire No. 1 for Grand Jurors” for October session 1904. This is a writ issued by a judge to a sheriff directing the summons of prospective jurors.  List of those summoned includes J. Rodenbah, Charles Fulstone, Henry Godecke, James Campbell, J. P. Van Sickle, M. Jacobsen, Pete Heitman, C. C. Henningsen, R. McFadden, Leo Springmeyer, Arnold Settelmeyer, Henry Marquart, Fred Fricke, William Lampe, D. B. Park, A. L. Dressler, Martin Canonica, Frank Fettic, Ed Frey, Robert Falcke, John Giardelli, T. N. Hansen, D. R. Hawkins, Felix Martin. Filed on October 10, 1904 by H. C. Jepsen, Clerk. 

This is a ticket from the World’s Columbian Exposition, May 1 to October 30, 1893. No. 890211. A variety of images were used on the tickets and this ticket has an image of Native American.

September 2017

In recognition of Street Vibrations in Reno this weekend, here is a photograph of a group of old motorcycles parked in front of the Genoa Bar. Dated September 17, 1981.

HAPPY CANDY DANCE – September 23-24, 2017 (Same dates as in 1995)

Candy Dance Pins for 1994 through 1997. In 1994, the first collector pin was added to the “Candy Dance” event. The pins feature familiar buildings in Genoa: old Post Office, Country Store, Courthouse Museum, and Genoa Bar. The last pin was produced in 1997.

Photograph of men working inside the Douglas County Creamery Co. dated September 10, 1908.  The remnants of this building are still standing on Waterloo Lane, east of Highway 88 in Gardnerville.

Our local airport has seen lots of activity over the years.   This is Stock Certificate #36 for Douglas-Tahoe Flying Service Inc. for 25 shares to C. O. D. Garage, Inc. It is signed by Max Jones, President and Emery Graunke, Secretary, and dated September 24, 1949.

This miniature boxing glove was an official souvenir of the Nelson – Gans prizefight held in Goldfield, Nevada on September 3, 1906.  This is part of the Harris Collection and possibly belonged to Abe or Morris Harris.  They may have attended this prize-fight when they were in business in the nearby town of Rhyolite. 

FYI – Gans was declared the winner after Nelson was disqualified for a ‘below-the-belt’ punch.

August 2017

Handmade invitation to the 4-H Club Achievement Luncheon held on August 8, 1938.


Handwritten deed for the sale by the Douglas County Commissioners of the “old Court House” building to Genoa School District for $150.00 in gold coin dated July 13, 1916, filed August 8, 1916. 

This is the Courthouse Museum, Genoa and belongs to the Douglas County Historical Society.

Photograph of Harvey’s Wagonwheel Resort Hotel Casino after the bombing on August 11, 1983. This was a subject of a 2016 History Channel episode of Mysteries at the Museum partially filmed at our Courthouse Museum, Genoa.

In honor of ‘Hot August Nights’, this is an undated image of automobiles parked in front Meyers Mercantile Store and the Minden Flour Mill is in the background.

This image has two automobiles and several men in front of a two story building. Written in white across the bottom is, “Governor Sparks and party leaving Rhyolite, A. E. Holt, Oct. 1906”.

This undated image is Main Street, Gardnerville with Race Car #5 is in front of Howard Brothers Store. The banner over the street reads, “Midland Garage”. Several automobiles are visible as is the French Hotel and I. O. O. F. (Odd Fellows) Hall.  Notice the people on the sidelines watching the race.

Memorial Program for Milos S. “Sharkey” Begovich, born August 1, 1926, died August 9, 2002. The service was held August 15, 2002 at the C. V. I. C. Hall in Minden. Sponsored by the Minden/Douglas Lodge #2670, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks


July 2017

Hunters License, number 80, issued to Fred H. Hellwinkel on July 31, 1937.

Poster from the “39th US Nationals Soaring Championships, July 19 thru 27, 1972 Minden, Nevada.”

First Day Issue envelope celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Genoa, 1851 – 1951.  Image of Mormon Station and Colonel John Reese, the founder of Mormon Station. The 3-cent stamp was designed by Hans Meyer-Kassel, artist and resident of Genoa. The stamp was cancelled in Genoa on July 14, 1951 as part of the Genoa celebrations.

Program from Sharkey’s “Cowpasture Arena Boxing” held in Gardnerville on July 3, 1978.  

Photographic postcard with “Auto Parade July 4, 1911 Gardnerville, Nevada” written across the bottom of the image.

June 2017

In the Douglas County Historical Society collection is this nickel which fused to brass during the catastrophic Genoa fire on June 28, 1910.

This invitation is addressed to Mr. & Mrs. H. F. Dangberg for the formal opening of the Ferris Wheel on Wednesday, June 24, 1893 at three o’clock at the 1893 Columbian Exposition aka Chicago’s World Fair.

This is an image of Gladys Dangberg’s Douglas County High School diploma dated June 2, 1916 in the original gray leather folder. This artifact is currently on exhibit with many other high school related artifacts in the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center, in High School exhibit downstairs on ‘Main Street’.

June 9, 1934 poster for the Genoa Pioneer and Pony Express Day drawn by Lew Hymers.

Photograph of Main Street, Gardnerville/Minden after a Carson Valley Days parade in the late 1990s. A man is standing next to Bertha the elephant wearing a red banner on her back, “John Ascuaga’s, Nugget”.

May 2017

This is the headstone of John A. Thomson, aka Snowshoe Thompson.  It reads, “In Memory of John A. Thomson, Native of Norway, Departed this life May 15, 1876. Aged 49 yrs, 16 days. Gone but not forgotten” Inverted, crossed skis carved at the top.  In 1960, members of the Norwegian Olympic Ski Team took time out from competition at Squaw Valley to visit this gravesite and place a brass plaque and wreath in memory of their fellow countryman.

This is a cookbook titled, “Conservation Recipes”, compiled by the Mobilized Women’s Organizations of Berkeley, dated 1918.  This is a World War I era book which assists those on the home front who want to do their part with economizing.  Written in the front: “Mrs. John Dangberg from Mother.”

Construction of the Vocational Building at Douglas High School in Minden, May 1980.

April 2017

Photograph – Riverview Bridge being reconstructed with “Bridge Out” sign. Dated April 10, 1980.

Ticket – “Douglas Sportsmen’s Club, Stag Feed, Hunter’s Stew $1.50, Saturday, April 15, 1955, 8:00 P. M., Legion Hall, Gardnerville, Nevada”

Postcard – “A Happy Easter”. Greeting – “Hello Edna, For goodness sake hurry up and take another start and write. You are as bad as I am, and you’ve only one little tot to look after. Love from Jessie”.  Postmarked April 10, 1911, and addressed to “Mrs. Wm. Champagne, Genoa Nev.”

Here is a program for a play entitled, “And Mary Did”, Comedy in Three Acts, presented by the Genoa Parent-Teachers’ Association at the Minden C.V.I.C. Hall on Saturday night, April 9, 1932. 

Photo postcard showing damage after the April 18th, 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Printed across the bottom of the un-mailed postcard, “The Latin Quarters on Montgomery hill were destroyed – thousands of dollars worth of paintings, statuary and art work were lost by San Francisco artists.”

March 2017

It is giving the appearance of spring when we begin to see the of lambs and calves. This is an undated image of dogs, sheepherders & sheep connected to the Dangberg Land & Livestock Company.

Trinity Lutheran Church Confirmation Class photograph dated March 20, 1910. Names are not in order: Emma Gansberg, Peter Wilslef, Henry Cordes, Ernest Glock, Irma Settelmeyer, Frieda Schacht, William Lange, Pastor Frederick H. Menzel, Emma Thran, Dorothea Hansen, Fred Scheele, Clarence Heitman, and Mary Andersen.

Here is an image of the Minden School built in 1909. Signs on the building read March 1910. This building was on the site of the current Douglas County School District offices at 1638 Mono Avenue, Minden.

February 2017

Photograph of Jean Lekumberry and two men around a barbeque grill dated February 27, 1986.

Photograph of flooding on Muller Lane, February 18, 1982.  Or as Yogi Berra might say,

“It’s like deja-vu, all over again!”  

   Metal tag, “Hunting and Fishing License, Douglas County, No. 4, $10.00, expires Feb. 28, 1917”. Originally belonged to Raymond “Spud” Koenig.

January 2017

Advertisement for “The Montag Circulator (Heater), An ornament to any home”, with diagrams of how the wood or coal heater is built and used. Note the line at the bottom, “Built for Western fuels…”

It is winter in northern Nevada, so here is an image from the vault to remind us of winters past! 

C. M. Henningsen is taking a break from shoveling snow in an undated, colorized photograph.

Nevada license plate from 1969. This plate was registered to Hannah Harris Richards for her 1939 Dodge.

Here is the Record-Courier, January 7, 1916 with the front page headline which reads, “New High School Opened Monday”.  This is the now the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center and currently houses the Douglas County Historical Society.  Come by and see this beautiful building!

“A Happy New Year” postcard postmarked December 31, 1912, addressed to Mrs. William Champagne, Genoa, Nevada

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  1. Any chance you have a picture or pictures of the Windmill Dairy Co-op. I would love to find some for which I would be interested in purchasing. My father was their P.R. Head 1958 – 1963 while William Murray was the Manager. I was a Senior graduating in 1959. I performed a variety of tasks, but mostly I must have washed well over 1,000 milk/cream cans.
    Thank you for reading and considering my request.

    1. Hi, Gary:
      I have searched our database to see if we have any photographs of the Windmill Dairy Co-op. Unfortunately, I did not find anything except a few blurry images of Windmill Dairy floats entered in Carson Valley Days parades of the past.

      Gail L. Allen, Curator

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